Did stress kill the caveman? Everyone has heard the phrase ‘stress is a silent killer’. While one stressful episode won’t kill you, long-term, uncontrolled stress often lies at the root of several chronic diseases, which can.

A common misconception in the world of healthcare is that in order to relieve a symptom, the area in which we feel that symptom must receive the treatment. For example: if my wrist hurts, it would make sense to treat my wrist.

Many years ago, as part of my practice based research, I found something surprising – that the length of time my patients had experienced chronic pain did not seem to relate to how long it took them to recover.

If you’ve ever dealt with an injury, you know that the sooner it’s dealt with properly, the faster and more appropriately it will heal. When we are talking about the health of your spine and brain, this is even more imperative.

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