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When you play impact sports you wear a helmet, and when you drive a car you wear a seatbelt. Why? The helmet keeps your head protected and your seatbelt protects you from flying about the car in case of an accident. Both of these things are common knowledge and done proactively to prevent injury. With this in mind, how can we reduce the impact that a car accident may have on our neck? 

Important technological advances in car headrests have occurred over recent decades to better protect our necks from whiplash injury, but the headrest must be set correctly to effectively protect us.

A study done in Canada found that 53% of drivers had their headrests set so inadequately that they would not protect them in the event of a collision.

Rather than put your neck on the line, check that your headrest is set properly:


Setting the headrest this way will help to reduce rearward motion of an occupant’s head in a rear-end collision. Limiting this motion reduces the likelihood of a whiplash injury occurring and reduces the severity if it does occur.

Take the time to ensure the headrests are set properly for all occupants in your car, and pay it ahead rest by sharing this information with people you know!

Featured on Breakfast Television: https://www.btcalgary.ca/2014/10/22/headrest-campaign/

At The Vital Posture™ Clinic, we focus specifically on the upper cervical (upper neck) region of the spine using the chiropractic technique referred to as NUCCA (“NU-ka”). NUCCA utilizes the principles of mathematics, physics, biomechanics, and kinesiology to balance the head on the neck therefore relieving stress throughout other areas of the body.

Upper neck misalignments can be present from as early as the day you are born. The birthing process can be traumatic for the infant and may result in a misalignment to the delicate upper neck area. Babies with colic, torticollis, or issues with feeding or elimination can often be helped by having their spines rebalanced.

Accidents and injuries over a lifetime create wear and tear on our ligaments and tissues allowing our joints to slip into a misaligned position. When this occurs in the upper neck it triggers a cascade of postural reflexes that activate different muscles along the entire spine to maintain you in an upright posture, similar to the action of strings moving a puppet.

Our structure determines our ability to function. Living in gravity with poor posture creates unnecessary wear and tear on our tissues and joints. Our goal is to help you balance your posture so that you can stand straighter, move better, and live better. Using the NUCCA technique we can help reduce your postural distortion by an average of 83% within two to four days of your first treatment.

Stretching is one of the most important things you can do to maximize the benefits of your care and improve your health! Consistent gentle stretching will help increase the flexibility of the muscles and ligaments allowing them to better support your posture. Committing to a daily stretching routine helps prevent injuries, can speed recovery, and aids in relaxation and stress reduction.

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