Our assessment and subsequent treatment can be primary or second-line primary care.

We begin with an initial exam to determine complexity and candidacy for care. Next is an initial trial intervention; if successful, it is followed by a short trial of care to understand our ability to make a correction to the postural asymmetry and evaluate the effect of our intervention on the patient’s condition.

For patients requiring higher level interdisciplinary care, we begin with a thorough evaluation and interdisciplinary review and synopsis. When we accept a patient, it is because their complaints are likely caused by CCJ dysfunction or because the untreated CCJ dysfunction is contributing to a recovery resistance in another condition.

We appreciate interprofessional communication, and following each initial trial of care we send a report of findings and progressive reports to all interdisciplinary clinicians to optimize integrative care.

When you have a patient with a complicated neck issue that isn’t responding to conservative care or isn’t stabilizing as well as you would like, we are available to assist as a part of your interprofessional team. Together we can help your patient find relief and recover from their challenging neck injury.

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