You would think it’s pretty easy to have a chat with your own brain—isn’t this what we do every day as we think to ourselves? Well yes, in theory, but what about the side of your brain that is below the level of conscious awareness: the innate brain?

Our innate brain controls much of what keeps us alive, and yet we can’t directly access the information stored in it. Do you know how and when to produce digestive enzymes? Technically, yes; you’re most likely doing it at this very moment. However, even if you understand the process, your conscious brain is unable to control the action.

Now let’s say there is a problem that your innate brain wants to convey to your conscious brain, how would it do this? The language of communication between the innate brain and the conscious brain is expressed as pain. Pain is the innate brain’s way of giving us a clear signal that something is not right!


But what if there is a problem with the brain itself? How would the innate brain tell us that something is not right? Whether it’s not enough fresh blood, an inability to adapt to the pressure change of a Chinook, or a nerve or muscle that is irritated, the problem can manifest as a headache.

Do you or someone you know suffer from headaches? Your innate brain is trying to communicate with you, and your job is to figure out the problem. A great place to start is having your posture checked. Stop living in pain, and book a consultation to find out if your head is on straight!

Written by Dr. Trevor Hillard

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