The Metric equivalent of this popular saying is nonetheless effective in communicating something we have all no doubt experienced. Problems are typically more easily and quickly fixed if they are caught early.

Gear Prevent

We are given guidelines on how to preventatively care for many things; when we buy a new car, we are given a preventative maintenance schedule which helps us understand when different parts should be serviced to minimize the chance of a breakdown. The other side of this is to fix problems as they come along, which tends to result in repairs where more damage has been done before the problem is caught.

So then who writes the service manual for our bodies? It seems like there should be a guide, given that our bodies aren’t built to have replaceable parts (in most cases). But if there was one, would most people follow it? Would you?

Pain is often the motivator to seek help, but signs can be detected in advance of symptoms like pain. In NUCCA posture is used as an objective way to measure if a problem is present. When posture breaks down, it can typically be detected in advance of symptoms like pain or dysfunction. In this way can give guidelines for postural checkups that act as a preventative maintenance schedule for our bodies!

What proactive choices have you made to prepare your body for 2018?

Written by Trevor Hillard, D.C. B.Sc.

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