If you’ve ever dealt with an injury, you know that the sooner it’s dealt with properly, the faster and more appropriately it will heal. When we are talking about the health of your spine and brain, this is even more imperative.

WhiplashYou may think that you escaped injury after a minor fender-bender, for instance, but it is important to get assessed by a health care provider regardless as the level of discomfort that you experience post-accident does not always reflect the true significance of the injury itself.
As a practitioner who has a particular focus on the head and neck, I will often see patients who are dealing with the aftermath of an injury, whether its whiplash from a car accident, a concussion from a sports injury, or the result of a slip or fall. What I often hear is the only direction they received from a doctor at urgent care or from their own family doctor is to rest, give it a few days, take some anti-inflammatories and painkillers, and then “see how things go”. When finally weeks, months, and sometimes years have passed and the symptoms still haven’t resolved, there is more urgency for a more enhanced approach to dealing with the issue. Unfortunately, it can also make the injury that much more difficult to manage.

Specifically with regards to head injuries and concussions, if you are still having symptoms more than 30 days after your injury, this is a major red flag. If you have followed the appropriate self-care and haven’t recovered, it is imperative that you seek help from a health care provider with experience in this area. The team at the Vital PostureTM Clinic is an excellent resource, as we can provide not only a thorough examination, but we work with a whole network of health care providers to deal with concussions in a very multi-faceted approach. This will ensure you deal with all the pieces involving your injury, and get back on track with your health as soon as possible.

Written by Dr. Mylène Hopf

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