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You may have noticed something new going on for the past few months at the Vital PostureTM Clinic. In August I launched Thrive Thursdays—each month I host an educational talk designed to encourage you to explore different aspects of health and wellness.

We recently had an incredible event with guest speaker Kirei Yasunori from Evolved Health. Kirei dove into the importance of strength training for building muscle mass and its anti-aging properties. In case you missed it, here are some of the most important concepts from that night:

  • Our skeletal muscles are some of the most metabolically active tissues in our body and therefore play an important role in regulating our metabolism. Increasing skeletal muscle mass can help to control insulin (blood sugar) levels, along with regulating hormonal balance.
  • Muscle mass decreases as you age. This decrease in muscle mass has been associated with a greater risk of developing osteoporosis, joint and ligament injuries, and overall weaker cardio-respiratory fitness - all of which are common signs of aging. Incorporating strength training exercises that build muscle mass can help mitigate these effects and may in fact have anti-aging effects!
  • When we exercise, we introduce positive stress to our body which forces it to adapt. In regards to strength training, the ultimate goal is to stimulate the body to lay down more lean muscle. One of the best ways to build your muscle strength and tone your body is to lift a heavy load (high resistance) very slowly (approximately 8-10 seconds per rep), for an extended period of time (2-3 minutes).
  • Hard work requires rest! When you have worked a muscle to the point of fatigue, you need to give it ample time to recover. This allows your body to repair and grow stronger muscles while burning more fat. As you become stronger, you may notice changes in other aspects of your life such as improved sleep, better mood, and more energy.


The experts at Evolved Health are trained to help you reach maximum full body muscle fatigue in a high intensity workout that takes no more than 15 minute per week. To learn more about their unique training approach please visit Evolved Health

At the Vital PostureTM Clinic, we want to help you become the best version of yourself, whether it is through helping you overcome physical health challenges or through educational events like this. Healthy individuals create strong and healthy communities. Bring your family and friends and join us for a Thrive Thursday to learn tips and tricks to thrive every day!

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