Just as ‘All-you-can-eat’ buffets typically don’t promote healthy eating habits, getting adjusted more often doesn’t typically create better health outcomes.

happy smile healthWhen you go to a chiropractor that is being very specific, they will be able to tell you not only when you need treatment, but more importantly, when you don’t need treatment. One of the goals of care at Vital PostureTM is to allow you to become less dependent on treatment, and we do this by utilizing a number of precise assessment tools that tell us if an intervention is necessary. If it is determined that something needs to be corrected, then post-treatment assessment helps us understand the quality of the intervention and your response. This strategy helps the body re-learn how to adapt and manage stress; we think this promotes better long term health and unfortunately is not as common in health care as we would hope. If you want an investigative, conservative, sustainable approach to your care, then please consider paying Vital PostureTM a visit.

Written by Dr. Jeff Scholten

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