How do you know if you’re healthy? Many people think they are healthy if they feel good. Although feeling good is important, and feeling badly can indicate that something is wrong, using how you feel as the only definition of health isn’t good enough. 

shutterstock 570625726A few years ago when my oldest daughter was learning about compound words, she saw the word ‘healthy’ written on a bag of mine and wondered aloud whether the word came from compounding the words ‘heal’ and ‘thy(self)’. This basic realization and acknowledgment from an elementary student was astounding – even more so because I think most adults have never considered that being healthy is actually your body healing itself!

Many chronic health conditions develop silently for years without the person having any idea that a problematic situation is developing. Arthritis and heart disease are only a few examples that claim victims in this manner. As NUCCA practitioners, we can tell if you are healing yourself when you are able to manage the physical, mental, and biochemical stress in your life and hold your adjustment for extended periods of time. Remember, if you are going to live in gravity, being in physical balance is best. When talking about alignment, holding is healthy.

Written by Dr. Jeff Scholten

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