One of the best parts about spending winter in Calgary is the break we’re given from the cold by our periodic chinooks. 

Migraine1Unfortunately, instead of being able to enjoy the warmth, some of our co-workers, friends, and family members suffer tremendous pain from their body’s inability to adapt to these sudden alterations in pressure.

These human barometers often may suffer unknowingly from an inability to properly move cerebrospinal fluid - a liquid created in your brain that supports and cleans it. During a chinook, the fluid in your skull needs to escape, and for some people with untreated injuries to the upper neck this fluid turnover is a major problem. Without the ability to flush the fluid, pain can be a serious side effect.

Next time a friend, family member, or co-worker complains about the chinook causing them pain, offer them a possible solution by sending them our way for an assessment to see if we can correct the blockage that’s creating the back-up and help to flush that problem away.

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