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Many of you that came into Vital PostureTM in August saw a growing pile of shoes in our reception area. Now why would we, a group of chiropractors, be collecting shoes?

At Vital PostureTM, we strive to provide excellence in management of challenges with injury to the upper neck and the resulting postural imbalances. What does this have to do with collecting shoes?

It all began last summer while I was chatting with my next-door neighbour on my front porch. She had just finished her first year in a new position at a local school that seemed to have a disproportionate number of underprivileged kids, and she was tearfully telling me heartwarming stories of the impact she had been able to make at that school. It was quite inspiring, and when I told my team at Vital PostureTM we decided to find a way to contribute in our own way.

During various community outreach initiatives throughout the year, our clinicians donated the fees acquired from these presentations to the school. These funds were used by the school to purchase necessary supplies such as shoes and snacks that some children were coming to school without. The extremely thankful response from the school for our efforts inspired us to continue and strive to do even more. ‘Operation Snowboot’ was born after hearing that our donations had helped a little boy get his very first pair of snowboots. We were determined to ensure that every child had comfortable, well-fitting footwear regardless of their circumstances. Kira, Mylène, and Michelle conceptualized a shoe drive in an attempt to fill the school’s shoe closet and give every kid a proper running start at the school year.

Over 35 pairs of shoes were delivered to my enthusiastic and grateful neighbour. Thank you to all who contributed—we will continue our efforts to support this school and invite your continued participation. Our fees will continue to be donated when we do presentations in the community, and we welcome you to join us. Ask us what you can do! Or click here to learn more.

“Thank you for the shoes – I will be able to run really fast now” - Student

At the Vital PostureTM Clinic, we have historically supported the community causes important to you, our patients. For the past many Novembers, we have contributed as a practice to raising funds for NUCCA research, and because of your generosity we have proudly been the largest collector of funds for the organization for many years running.

In addition to our group of chiropractors having more continuing education hours by far than any other group of clinicians that I am aware of, we volunteer significant amounts of our personal time and talent to the organizations that further our ability to provide exceptional services.

Our desire to give back comes from a tremendous gratitude to those that came before us and dedicated their efforts to creating a set of procedures that so effectively rebalances posture and calms the nervous systems of our patients.

We have the opportunity to see what some people would consider miracles on a very regular basis, and we are deeply grateful for this privilege. Remember, we always make room for your referrals and look forward to hearing from you!

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