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Calgary doctor / consultant: Living with migraines and headaches is not living at all

To be alive is sometimes defined by having a pulse. I recall thinking about this as a student, while I was lying in bed debilitated by a pounding migraine. I had a pulse so I was alive, but I wouldn’t say that I was actually living. I spent my days hiding under a pillow while others were outdoors enjoying the sunlight. Without having found the NUCCA procedure I know I’d still suffer, and it sparked a passion for me to use the procedure to relieve the suffering of others.


Decode the source of the dysfunction

Research suggests that over 70 percent of headaches and migraines arise due to a mechanical neck issue. Prominent researchers in the field of joint mechanics have described the upper neck as the most biomechanically complex area of the body. This contributes to the relative lack of practitioners who address upper neck problems and by extension their effect on headaches and migraines.

Every vital ingredient our brain requires to function must be transported through the neck. Our brain also uses the neck as a portal to communicate that a problem is present with signals like pain and dysfunction. A headache or migraine is one of these signals, but the source of the dysfunction is often difficult to decode. That’s why we help to provide clarity and guide you on your journey to a solution.

When indicated, the use of advanced imaging such as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (a high-resolution 3D image of the upper neck), I’m able to delve more deeply into this highly sensitive and complex area and address the imbalances that are commonly found to be present in headache and migraine patients.


Piece the image of your health back together with NUCCA

Each patient presents a unique misalignment of the neck, boasting their own structure and complexities. I spend many hours a week in Calgary staring at imaging, working on pioneering ways to record the analysis of the upper neck in 3D by using Cone Beam Computed Tomography. This is a budding technology that is not yet being fully utilized in our field, and I am often found reading the latest developments in this relatively new form of imaging. One of my career goals is to facilitate practitioners’ understanding of how and why the implementation of this technology can help us to find more precise ways to realign and rebalance the upper neck.


Get results from a trained tinkerer

Often I have been described using the words ‘mechanic’, ‘fixer’, or ‘tinkerer’. It should come as no surprise that I’m often found fixing old cars in Calgary during my free time, as this is the perfect hobby for a lover of complex mechanics. I find great reward in getting things working again, which explains my professional attraction to the upper neck, a highly biomechanically complex joint.

An initial consultation allows me to understand if there is objective and measurable evidence that a problem is present, though individual results vary as each patient is different. Treatment and the degree of imaging required will vary based on the indications for the individual patient’s presentation. I have a genuine passion for finding new and creative ways to make both the animate and inanimate function better.


You don’t have to ache over your headaches!

NUCCA is a set of procedures that allow us to address the upper neck imbalance. The upper neck is a highly vital and biomechanically complex area, which requires a number of procedures to guide care. NUCCA is extremely gentle, and highly effective in addressing headaches and migraines.


Cost and time of NUCCA treatment

At the Vital Posture™ Clinic you will spend $150 for the initial assessment which will take about an hour of your time. The complexity of your injury, and duration of treatment will define the total cost. Most people with chronic conditions graduate from weekly visits within two months and finish with recovery care within a year. If you are found to be a candidate for care, the treatment fees average $175/month during the recovery phase. More care is typically needed in the early stage of treatment but much less is necessary as your muscles stabilize your new postural balance. You can decide to continue or stop treatment at any time.


As a NUCCA chiropractor in Calgary, Dr. Trevor Hillard can help you to:

• RELIEVE your pain

• REBALANCE your posture

• REJUVENATE your life


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